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The Pavilion Outdoors’ range of Art with Fire firepits featuring a unique design in the shape of a dewdrop are made from the most durable and sustainable materials. They add a sculptural effect to any outdoor space. The corten steel ensures a lifespan that’s eight times that of ordinary steel and requires minimal care.

The range are handmade in Belgium and available in three sizes, with the largest being 5 feet. 


The brand also offers a range of handmade candleholders in corten, black and stainless steel to complement your outdoor dining area. These are available in two sizes.


'Art with Fire' are not mass-produced. All items receive a unique identification number in the base of the firepit or candleholder and are delivered with a handwritten certificate of authenticity.

These are not just outdoor accessories, but works of art that are structurally beautiful and create cosy, warm moments for you to share with family and friends.


The Art with Fire firepits have 3 sizes:

3ft model €3600 100cm/65cm/120kg

4ft model €4600 120cm/80cm/220kg

5ft model €8900 150cm/100cm/425kg

Corten steel

Art with Fire Candleholders

Small €299 15cm/10cm/0.6kg

Large €399 22cm/15cm/1.35kg

Available in blackened steel, stainless steel and rusted corten steel

The candleholders are for outside or inside

Our pledge for sustainability for this range is that 25 trees are planted per firepit sold, making the entire production CO² neutral, replanting the wood most people will use for the next 25 to 40 years in their firepit.

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