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Experts in Luxury Outdoor Spaces

Pavilion Outdoors has over 30 years of experience as experts in structures. We offer our own dedicated full-time team who are professional and highly trained in installing pergolas, awnings and shade sails.

We are dedicated to a seamless transition between the indoors and the outdoors. A series of uninterrupted connections where natural surroundings become part of our everyday lives offering a sensory appeal and a therapeutic value. 

Collaborations and partnerships with the world's luxury designers combined with our expertise advance Pavilion Outdoors as the authentic leaders in luxury outdoor spaces with our range of structures and complementary outdoor living designs and products. 

Our unparalleled level of personal service offers a tailor-made 'white gloves' approach for private clients, as well as companies, commercial projects and organisations that wish to take full part in the evolving open-air culture.

Pavilion Outdoors. Aligning wellbeing with luxury. 

Pavilion Outdoors Collection

AW Collection


'Splendour in the Shade'

Pavilion Outdoors has a stunning range of Italian designed and built Pergolas to add a sophisticated style and contemporary feel to your outdoor space.

Bioclimatic pergolas offer the ultimate luxury with automated louvre roofs and a range of design options.

Pergolas can have open and shut sides for an all weather design and we offer full customisation including colours and finishes of the structure to incorporate the pergola into the landscape and to act as a feature or to flow onto an existing patio or garden.



Outdoor Awnings

Perfect solutions for expanding a terrace and generating outdoor spaces.

Pavilion Outdoors have a full range of structures that can be adapted to complement the architectural design of the building they are attached to or as an independent free-standing design.

As experts in outdoor structures, Pavilion has researched and partnered with the world's leading designers to create a new level of open-air culture.

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Shade Sails 

Providing practical cover and shade with a range of aesthetically pleasing modern designs.

Pavilion Outdoors works with clients to provide the latest designs of Shade Sails including the free-standing options along with retractable sails. Perfect outdoor solutions for giving cover to diners, school playgrounds and seating arrangements.



Art with Fire

As the world evolves we all share new opportunities to embrace the outdoors and to wrap our homes into a perfect place of peace and tranquillity.

Our partners are bespoke designers and craftsmen who share our passion for making outdoor living spaces into places of beauty, warmth and breathtaking style. 

Whilst the focus is on innovative design and outstanding quality it is also about mindfulness and repositioning ourselves. It is about using our outdoor space to help us create a return to a more analogue pace of life.


Luxury Outdoor Living

So many collections, each one with a strong identity, and they all go well together with each other thanks to their characteristic essence. An enjoyable balancing act based on the concepts of beauty, functionality, quality and Made in Italy.

Prestigious partnerships with international designers are part of the Pavilion Outdoors ethos.


We have chosen 2 prestigious brands to offer our clients.
Each one, with its own characteristics and its own style, tells the story of outdoor living, with lounge elements, dining sets, and lighting plans, which come together in an open-air design statement. 


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